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Every child deserves a safe and loving family


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We exist to support, care, equip and advocate for at-risk children and youth, and those that have been impacted  by trauma, poverty, loss and separation from their families. 


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Lead Me Home Foundation is a Christian non-denominational registered California nonprofit 501(C)(3) that provides support to children and youth who are at risk and have been impacted by trauma, poverty, loss, and separation from their families. We value and we know every child we serve by name. Through community partners that include volunteers, churches, and the Department of Children and Family Services, Lead Me Home Foundation is actively helping abused, neglected, and at risk children to heal and thrive by nurturing them to develop a strength base understanding of their story based on their God given potential. 


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We believe children are precious and possess innate worth and potential. Children and youth with a history of adversity are in the midst of the most painful and confusing times of their lives through no fault of their own. Victimized by maltreatment, poverty, and often disconnected from a stable source of connection and healthy attachment, children often lose hope, trust, and faith. We believe healing, restoration and thriving new beginnings are possible. We work to restore their faith and trust in family, themselves, society, and God who is able to make their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their future possible again.

"You lead me in the path of life; I experience absolute joy in your presence; you always give me sheer delight"
Psalm 16:11


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children in foster care in the United States


Advocacy for Family Healing and Reunification

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Home is a place to rest, to renew, to be loved, to grow, and to thrive. There is nothing quite as frightening for a child than being taken from the only home they have ever known. It is a disheartening, uncertain, lonely experience where the child has no control. Despite any experience of abuse and trauma, it is in the heart of every child to be home. Whenever possible and safe, we work to support birth family reunification and preservation with parents or relative caregivers if it's determined by the child's team of professionals to promote a healthy community and to increase the child's sense of belonging and permanence.

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Programs for Change

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Educational Tools for Success

Showing up to school fully equipped is one less obstacle marginalized children have to worry about. Vulnerable children are subject to the poorest educational outcomes.  We are avid advocates for education because it is one of the most powerful tools to break generational poverty and the suffering that often accompanies it.

Education empowers children and gives them an opportunity to thrive. A full set of school supplies equips children for classroom success, promotes stability, increases self-confidence and integrates them into their social circles without insecurities or shame. Educational success promotes lasting change in the lives of children.


Emancipating Youth Support

The general course for emancipating youth from foster care is grievous. The effects of trauma from losing their homes, communities, often siblings, multiple placements, disruptions in their education, and limited access to personal resources, among other factors, has left them with little preparation for what is needed for independent living.  

The after effects of years in foster care include unemployment, under education, homelessness, and, for a quarter of them, prison. Most distressing is the prevalence of interpersonal and emotional problems that include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal ideation and the unmet longing for permanence having no place to call home.

Our efforts consist of community, emotional, and tangible resources for youth that include celebrating milestones, educational supplies, care packages,  supporting events, individual sponsorships, advocacy, emotional support, and one on one mentorship.

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We celebrate kids Big! Celebrations bring a message of hope to children that have lost the joy that comes with innocence. Partaking in simple traditions gives them a sense of belonging, connectedness and meaning in community. Through special Easter events we strive to create new positive memories and experiences for children to replace the pain of loss and trauma, and to celebrate them as members of society that are valued and cared for.

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Restoring Christmas Joy

We are committed to bring joy back into the fractured hearts of children during this special time. We do this through our Christmas events in which children can experience the warmth and cheer of the season in community. Every child receives a personalized gift from their wish list along with a written message of hope and love. Bringing a smile into a child’s face is often the beginning of healing for their tender hearts.

Urban Biking

Bicycle Blessings

The joy of riding a bike is very much a part of a healthy childhood. In partnership with Bicycle Blessings, children that would otherwise never have the joy of riding a bike get to have one. These bicycles help marginalized children overcome challenges that range from developmental disabilities to childhood depression and anxiety. Riding a bike is fun, benefits the child’s physical and mental health, and increase focus for learning. Bicycle blessings is a critical element of healing for children victimized by trauma.

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Commitment to

Child &Youth


Children and their futures are one of a kind and deserve individualized consideration in all their care. Because the essence of our mission is to nurture this uniqueness, we are constantly growing and adjusting to meet any presenting needs. We do this through education and training of our staff and volunteers to be trauma informed as well as through expert consultations to ensure best care practices for every child’s need we encounter.

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Research shows that children grow and thrive in the care of a safe and loving family. Lead Me Home Foundation is committed to supporting healthy connections and increasing a child’s family network be it foster, birth, or community. Family gives children the sense of belonging, stability, security, confidence, and identity necessary to navigate and succeed in life.

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Community Partnership

Community partnerships are essential to serve the holistic needs of vulnerable children and to show them that their community cares. Our alliances with L. A. County Department of Children and Family Services and Parents In Partnership at DCFS are essential to our understanding of the growing needs of vulnerable children. Similarly, the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, the VFW, and many passionate individuals continue to make our mission possible. We are thankful for the spiritual support and counsel we continually receive from faith partners to help us honor each wonderful life we serve. We offer community service hours for students, community service project opportunities for girl scouts, and internships for those that want to develop and use their gifts and talents to make a tangible difference for vulnerable children. 


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Take your stand today to help make a child's bright future possible again. Children are waiting.

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